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I am a Plague Victim

Yesterday just after my post I went into a coughing fit for 10 minutes and the school nurse examined me to find that I do infact have bronchitus and a fever. She recommended that I go to my regular doctor after school and then gave me 2 tylenol. Flash forward 3 hours.

After losing my voice in 5th period (halfway through the day) I couldn't breath too well so sat down at my desk. 10 minutes later the principal does a random walk into my classroom and sees the kids siting/standing around doing nothing 10 minutes before the bell.

I go through the next 2 hours of school without my voice giving instructions on paper that my better students read to the class...*sigh* that was a nightmare, but I made it through it.

3:00 I'm at the doctor's office and getting examined, he uses the stethoscope in about 12 different places, draws 2 viles of blood, and announces I do definitly have bronchitus, I weeze in acknowledgement, but then he tells me I have to go over to the hospital for a chest x-ray because he believes I likely have pneumonia.

I won't know for sure until later today, one of my student's parents was the x-ray technician lol talk about awkward, but on the plus side she forward them along STAT so that my doctor could have the results today and not monday...If she wasn't the parent of one of my A students she wouldn't have done it for me, so it was nice of her to volunteer to have it processed faster.

I'll keep you all posted. I"m not dying or anything, at least not yet. I am however taking some very powerful meds now (vicodin, darvacet, whatever those are weak assed cousins next to this cough medicine. I was told I CANNOT drive while taking it, should not leave me house, and may not even want to leave bed after taking it. Also, I was instructed that if 1 doesn't tame down my hacking then take 2 but then I'll probably be very sleepy and probably unconscious/resting shortly afterwards. Yay I can get some sleep!!!
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3 Day Weekend

Yay- I have bronchitus! I can barely breath or talk.

T-7 Hours and counting until today is over and I'm free for 3 whole days.

Anyone know of any good movies that are coming out? I want to go see a movie or something since I'm going to be able to grade papers on Monday for like 12 hours thanks to Dr. MLK Jr.
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Good Morning Class

Things just got a whole lot more interesting at school...I asked to move my office to the basement bookroom in October and was given Administrative approval, but no support in my move...i.e. computer, desk, key to the bookroom...anything? nothing.

Then Friday I was approached by a Vice Principal and told that they would need me to complete my move by Monday because a new Social Studies teacher was taking over my spot in the 5 person library office WTF?! talk about sudden news!

(Just a note on my former office situation 4 other wonderful people and myself crammed in a 8x10 cell...let me tell you that was a wonder bra and a half's worth of uplifting everyday...I know I'm a ray of sunshine...but still less than 5 feet of personal space per person is enough to make anyone scream)

So to make a long story short Friday night the V.P. helped me move a desk into a corner of the basement bookroom, and my roommate and my favorite art teacher/former office mate/bowling partner helped me move my 10 boxes of paperwork to the basement YAY!

Now the end of the marking period is near, I have my own spacious office but everything's totally packed up and has to be unpacked and graded the day after MLK day...*sigh* thank goodness here in liberal land we actually get MLK's birthday off -again- YAY! So I guess this 3-day weekend I'm grading papers!
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I'm Back

I'm officially returning after my hiatus from Live Journal.

How's everybody doing? If I have any faithful readers still left please do tune in regularly :-)
Testing Testing 1. 2. 3...

Stewart my friend, how are you doing?

Cyn? How are you?



You're all that's left of my faithful following and you're more than enough to start anew from! I'm still awake at 11pm and have to get up to teach at 6 *sigh* somethings never change, I'm still a complete insomniac.

Luv ya all hope everything's groovy?
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Reflection upon Fall Semester 2003

This semester was quite literlally the most arduously, much MORE than difficult, semester I've ever went through in three years.

Where to begin?

Classes--Had no free time to spare, it all had to be perfect, or I won't graduate in May...It wasn't perfect, hell it was barely average, and
marginally adequate. I'm not looking forward to my grade report, anything less than a C+ and It won't be pretty...
This from the student who was always the overachiever, always the striver, the dooer, the one who gave himself an ulcer by
being such a stalwart student.

Personal Life--NO COMMENT--besides anyone who's going to be reading this can either ask me and run for shelter when I come running at
them with scissors, or already know exactly what I've gone through this semester in the personal realm.

Living Situation--I've been living with Kevin again (angels and ministers of grace defend us) no he's actually a lot better to live with this
year a lot better than last year's roommate, and speaking of the General of the Corn-federate forces surrendored at
lease resigning and found another place to live. And she's never been happier, and we actually have a pretty stable
exchange of niceties now... don't know if I'll ever be as close to her as I was, probably not. She's fairly fickle, and I
don't think I can put what I am...as well as she put it she said and I quote... "a bitch to live with...and ya know I missed
ya soo much, I bought a dog." In response upon seeing the dog I commented that the dog almost has as big of
wiskers as I've seen on her at times...

Parents/Family--My parents are insane and they deserve each other, they are irrational and I hate it...Never again...that's all I'll say on it.
besides that, I knew accepting a car from them was a bad, bad idea, but I did it anyways cuz the truck was beginning
to suck!

Student Teaching--If CMU would get their heads out of their collective asses and give me a placement I'd be delerious with pleasure.
I think they are hoping I will wash out after this semester. Unfortunately for them I have a bad habbit of squeezing
through and passing classes by sheer charisma and the force of goodwill I build with my instructors...
For instance, with Dr. Sue Steffel in the English department, I should probably fail her class, but she told me point
blank that it was her perogative to pass me if she felt I did enough work and did sufficently well. I guess I'll know
soon whether or not I passed all my classes or if I'll be doing my student teaching next fall vs. next spring.

Kittens-- I have 2 of them Sarek (male) and Lawaxanna (female) they are what I like to colllectively refer to as my "little ambassadors."

OH and lastly.

I started working at Wal-Mart early last summer, made a good impression on two wonderfully crazy supervisors and got hired in part time, I've been working all weekends since October and it's great. I don't know what is going to be happening in the spring if I don't student teach but I will definitly keep working at Wal-Mart. They like me even if I am suicidally depressed, bastardly, and dis-punctual.
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Depressing Isn't it?

I've been in such a Les Miserables mood lately!
I diagnosed with Javert syndrom lol....see below.
Don't you all think that describes me almost perfectly!

I'm Javert!
Though my personal integrity is admirable, I tend to see everything in absolutes, and I don't cope at all well with ambiguities or opposition. I should probably seek therapy for those obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

Which Les Miserables Character Are You?
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Yet another day of shite,
This time of the semester is so busy and just insane.
Grades and stress are at a height,
My love and friends and life seems to wane.

I'm bored and tired and frustrated,
Life can be that way I know so well.
Can't stand this feeling of being turnicated.
Faith, I have none, only myself a little slice of hell.

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Today is one of those days where being 'unmotivated' is not a strong enough adjective, i'm just plain anti-motivational today. All the time for fun just seems to fly away, while time for work and school seems to dredge on for eons. I guess organization is the key. And i'm not at all organized yet.

I've had not a lot of time to post recently so if any of you have checked and been disappointed not to hear from me, well other than Stewart, cuz I see him quite a bit, oh the hours, the hours *shivers* hehe thanks for the movie and day trip to Lansing, I don't know which was more fun, the book-store `o`m`g, the Disney store, or the wait for Mikey at the theater =)

I'm getting along decently with most people but other people wow well lets just say that they know who they are and they have a big karma whammy coming to them! On the bonus I had yet another awesome lunch at Subway with one of my most wonderful friends, so hey the day's looking up, it's only 2pm iso that means there are still 17 hours left in a Knoph day.
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