January 14th, 2006

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I am a Plague Victim

Yesterday just after my post I went into a coughing fit for 10 minutes and the school nurse examined me to find that I do infact have bronchitus and a fever. She recommended that I go to my regular doctor after school and then gave me 2 tylenol. Flash forward 3 hours.

After losing my voice in 5th period (halfway through the day) I couldn't breath too well so sat down at my desk. 10 minutes later the principal does a random walk into my classroom and sees the kids siting/standing around doing nothing 10 minutes before the bell.

I go through the next 2 hours of school without my voice giving instructions on paper that my better students read to the class...*sigh* that was a nightmare, but I made it through it.

3:00 I'm at the doctor's office and getting examined, he uses the stethoscope in about 12 different places, draws 2 viles of blood, and announces I do definitly have bronchitus, I weeze in acknowledgement, but then he tells me I have to go over to the hospital for a chest x-ray because he believes I likely have pneumonia.

I won't know for sure until later today, one of my student's parents was the x-ray technician lol talk about awkward, but on the plus side she forward them along STAT so that my doctor could have the results today and not monday...If she wasn't the parent of one of my A students she wouldn't have done it for me, so it was nice of her to volunteer to have it processed faster.

I'll keep you all posted. I"m not dying or anything, at least not yet. I am however taking some very powerful meds now (vicodin, darvacet, whatever those are weak assed cousins next to this cough medicine. I was told I CANNOT drive while taking it, should not leave me house, and may not even want to leave bed after taking it. Also, I was instructed that if 1 doesn't tame down my hacking then take 2 but then I'll probably be very sleepy and probably unconscious/resting shortly afterwards. Yay I can get some sleep!!!
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