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Today is one of those days where being 'unmotivated' is not a strong enough adjective, i'm just plain anti-motivational today. All the time for fun just seems to fly away, while time for work and school seems to dredge on for eons. I guess organization is the key. And i'm not at all organized yet.

I've had not a lot of time to post recently so if any of you have checked and been disappointed not to hear from me, well other than Stewart, cuz I see him quite a bit, oh the hours, the hours *shivers* hehe thanks for the movie and day trip to Lansing, I don't know which was more fun, the book-store `o`m`g, the Disney store, or the wait for Mikey at the theater =)

I'm getting along decently with most people but other people wow well lets just say that they know who they are and they have a big karma whammy coming to them! On the bonus I had yet another awesome lunch at Subway with one of my most wonderful friends, so hey the day's looking up, it's only 2pm iso that means there are still 17 hours left in a Knoph day.

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