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Reflection upon Fall Semester 2003

This semester was quite literlally the most arduously, much MORE than difficult, semester I've ever went through in three years.

Where to begin?

Classes--Had no free time to spare, it all had to be perfect, or I won't graduate in May...It wasn't perfect, hell it was barely average, and
marginally adequate. I'm not looking forward to my grade report, anything less than a C+ and It won't be pretty...
This from the student who was always the overachiever, always the striver, the dooer, the one who gave himself an ulcer by
being such a stalwart student.

Personal Life--NO COMMENT--besides anyone who's going to be reading this can either ask me and run for shelter when I come running at
them with scissors, or already know exactly what I've gone through this semester in the personal realm.

Living Situation--I've been living with Kevin again (angels and ministers of grace defend us) no he's actually a lot better to live with this
year a lot better than last year's roommate, and speaking of the General of the Corn-federate forces surrendored at
lease resigning and found another place to live. And she's never been happier, and we actually have a pretty stable
exchange of niceties now... don't know if I'll ever be as close to her as I was, probably not. She's fairly fickle, and I
don't think I can put what I well as she put it she said and I quote... "a bitch to live with...and ya know I missed
ya soo much, I bought a dog." In response upon seeing the dog I commented that the dog almost has as big of
wiskers as I've seen on her at times...

Parents/Family--My parents are insane and they deserve each other, they are irrational and I hate it...Never again...that's all I'll say on it.
besides that, I knew accepting a car from them was a bad, bad idea, but I did it anyways cuz the truck was beginning
to suck!

Student Teaching--If CMU would get their heads out of their collective asses and give me a placement I'd be delerious with pleasure.
I think they are hoping I will wash out after this semester. Unfortunately for them I have a bad habbit of squeezing
through and passing classes by sheer charisma and the force of goodwill I build with my instructors...
For instance, with Dr. Sue Steffel in the English department, I should probably fail her class, but she told me point
blank that it was her perogative to pass me if she felt I did enough work and did sufficently well. I guess I'll know
soon whether or not I passed all my classes or if I'll be doing my student teaching next fall vs. next spring.

Kittens-- I have 2 of them Sarek (male) and Lawaxanna (female) they are what I like to colllectively refer to as my "little ambassadors."

OH and lastly.

I started working at Wal-Mart early last summer, made a good impression on two wonderfully crazy supervisors and got hired in part time, I've been working all weekends since October and it's great. I don't know what is going to be happening in the spring if I don't student teach but I will definitly keep working at Wal-Mart. They like me even if I am suicidally depressed, bastardly, and dis-punctual.

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