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Good Morning Class

Things just got a whole lot more interesting at school...I asked to move my office to the basement bookroom in October and was given Administrative approval, but no support in my move...i.e. computer, desk, key to the bookroom...anything? nothing.

Then Friday I was approached by a Vice Principal and told that they would need me to complete my move by Monday because a new Social Studies teacher was taking over my spot in the 5 person library office WTF?! talk about sudden news!

(Just a note on my former office situation 4 other wonderful people and myself crammed in a 8x10 cell...let me tell you that was a wonder bra and a half's worth of uplifting everyday...I know I'm a ray of sunshine...but still less than 5 feet of personal space per person is enough to make anyone scream)

So to make a long story short Friday night the V.P. helped me move a desk into a corner of the basement bookroom, and my roommate and my favorite art teacher/former office mate/bowling partner helped me move my 10 boxes of paperwork to the basement YAY!

Now the end of the marking period is near, I have my own spacious office but everything's totally packed up and has to be unpacked and graded the day after MLK day...*sigh* thank goodness here in liberal land we actually get MLK's birthday off -again- YAY! So I guess this 3-day weekend I'm grading papers!

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