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Mr. Knoph's World

Inside the Void

John Knoph
30 April
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Welcome to Mr. Knoph's live journal,

I'm a 25 year old professional educator in Charles County Maryland. I'm originally from Cadillac Michigan; I graduated from Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

Aside from being a struggling first year teacher I've had scant success at accomplishing much in my life. I used to think I had all the answers and could complete everything by myself, but I've moved past that and am now looking for that special someone to complete my life.

I don't deal well with superficial people or conservatives. I was raised to believe that everyone has the right to speak there mind freely. I believe that in order for things to be changed for the better in this country, that those with the most intelligent, and reasonable strategies for social change, (democrats, green party, moderate republicans, whoever!!!), need to speak up and prevent more idiotic rightwing fundamentalists from being elected to positions of office where they make epic decisions for the whole country based upon a personal ideology that tolerates no decenting opinion.

I'm a bleeding heart liberal only because I've dodged one too many conservative bullets in the pursuit of an educational career.